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How Surbo Works For Diesel Vehicles

The sketch below explains how the Surbo works on a diesel vehicle:

Stage 1: `Accelerate: you must be accelerating, and not try to activate the Surbo system from a constant rpm, say 2000 rpm. For higher gears or greater loads, you can try it at a slightly higher rpm. (For heavier vehicles, which may have an rpm range of just 3000 rpm, aim proportionately lower).

Stage 2: ^P3, the back pressure due to the temporarily decelerating cylinders, causes the straight flow through the Surbo to turn into the lower-pressure area under the fins towards their pointed ends, and crossed jets are formed at their sharp tips, resulting in higher air pressure. At the same time when the accelerator is held to generate this P3, the vortex formed within the Surbo due to cross jetting increases air flow to keep vehicle accelerating.

Stage 3: As the accelerator is pressed slightly more again, the air keeps crossing due to the higher pressure P3 ahead, and so the jets stay to maintain the higher air pressure. Compressed air gives more power, so only a smaller accelerator input is required. This increases driving pleasure. It also saves fuel as the fuel injected will be less.

If no rpm meter is fitted, the speedometer can be used as a rough guide. The engine rpm can be calculated by speed divided by mph/1000 rpm or kph/1000 rpm. Check your vehicle handbook for gearbox info.

The diesel engine benefits from the Surbo, which serves to increase air velocity over a wider rpm range

Other advantages

The Surbo ensures that less partially burnt diesel is released from the diesel engine because the accelerator is pressed less for the same power. This will either mean less diesel smoke for older diesel vehicles, or less clogging in thoroughly filtered Euro 4 or 5 vehicles. This will mean less downtime required for programmed self-cleaining of soot within the exhaust system, and less risk of clogged sensors or an expensive replacement of an uncleanable particulate filter. This is especially important for operators who run short trips with the engines not properly heated up and burning diesel incompletely.

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    Watch this video showing how engine revs with Surbo

    Watch the video above showing how an engine revs with Surbo. Or watch it with the How it works page.

    Video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 130 kph

    Above: video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 130 kph.

    Video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 211 kph

    Above: video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 211 kph.

    Video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 224 kph

    Above: video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 224 kph.

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