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Make your car quicker and more economical with Surbo

BENEFITS OF SURBO (air Suction-turbo) for most vehicles:

  • Faster acceleration.

  • Due to extra torque that peaks from a lower rpm, you can change gears earlier, or rev higher if desired. Torque x rpm = horsepower, and this dyno test shows an increase in horsepower of 7 percent.
  • Easier cruising and a relaxed right foot due to a higher top speed (+20 kph even for a Subaru WRX)
  • Improved fuel economy in mixed driving and more on highways. If you spend $200 on fuel a month, you'll save $20 a month, so the Surbo pays for itself in 5 months. After that, it can be re-installed on most other cars.

    The first photo below shows the fuel consumption for a Surbo-equipped Honda Vezel (engine similar to those in 2016-2020 Honda Fit/ HRV/ Grace/ Shuttle+hybrid/ Freed+hybrid). The second photo shows the fuel consumption for a Mazda 3 with Surbo (see details here).

  • Fuel economy of Honda Vezel with Surbo Fuel economy of mazda 3 with Surbo

    More fuel-saving results

  • Better fuel economy means less CO2 emitted per km, so the Surbo is environmentally friendly and will pass LTA vehicle inspections in Singapore.

  • For automatic vehicles in D mode: instant acceleration from rest due to improved low rpm torque, hill assistance on slopes, higher rpm capability with 1/2 throttle, and easy kickdown to lower gears.
  • For hybrid vehicles: faster pick up and charging of the hybrid battery. One Honda Fit hybrid owner reported a full charge on highways, and therefore a full-electric mode for a while.
  • For manual vehicles and motorcycles (and automatics in manual mode): reaching the rpm limit with just 1/2 throttle!
  • For diesel vehicles: faster and higher revving, which will help overcome the larger gaps between the gears, and a lower rpm limit compared to petrol vehicles. The lessened pressure on the accelerator helps prevent clogging of modern particulate filters, with less diesel smoke.
  • For turbocharged vehicles: reduced turbo lag because the denser exhaust gases would spool the turbocharger sooner, less turbo pressure required (as seen on boost meter) for the same rpm (and therefore longer engine life), and hence more headroom for tuning or turbo upgrades.
  • Photos below show Surbo ($99) installed on Honda Civic FD (similar to Stream and Crossroad), on turbocharged VW Tiguan/ Passat/ Golf GTi/ Audi A3, and on turbodiesel Toyota Hiace,

    Surbo Surbo fitted in air pipe of Volkswagen Tiguan/ Passat/ Audi A3 Surbo

    and Surbo on Honda Fit/ Shuttle/ Vezel hybrid, and on Yamaha Xmax300 motorcycle ,

    Surbo fitted on Honda Shuttle 1.5 hybrid Photo: Surbo on air filter box of Yamaha Xmax300

    and Twin Surbo ($160) on Hyundai Elantra/ 2019 Avante (similar to Accent, Veloster and Kia Forte K3 and 2018 Cerato), and Surbo5 ($120, for engines with large pipes) on Honda Odyssey RC1.

    Twin Surbo Surbo5

    Surbo pictures More pictures of other cars fitted with Surbo

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    Latest cars with Surbo: Nissan Note, Skoda Octavia 1.4 2020, Audi Q3 1.4 and Mercedes GLC 250. Surbo5: BMW 2014 320i and G30 5 series 2.0 diesel. Latest motorcycle with Surbo: Yamaha Xmax300


    Watch this video showing how engine revs with Surbo

    Watch the video above showing how an engine revs with Surbo. Or watch it with the How it works page.

    Video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 130 kph

    Above: video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 130 kph.

    Video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 211 kph

    Above: video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 211 kph.

    Video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 224 kph

    Above: video of Volvo XC90 T8 with Surbo, sprinting to 224 kph.

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    More torque and BHP (dyno test)

    Instant throttle response

    10% fuel saving on average

    Quick revving (1/2 throttle to RPM limit)

    Easy auto gear kickdown

    Faster acceleration

    More power uphill

    Higher top speed

    More overtaking power

    Lifetime warranty

    Vehicle inspection compliance




    Petrol turbo

    Diesel/ turbodiesel




    Natural gas


    How Surbo feels (by car type)

    Surbo pictures Installation Photos


    What's Surbo ($99)?

    Twin Surbo ($160)

    Surbo5 ($120) for bigger cars


    How Surbo works

    With and without Surbo

    How Surbo can be used

    Higher air compression

    Reduced turbo lag

    Less diesel smoke

    Improved engine vacuum

    Less engine knock

    Longer engine life

    Surbo vs other accessories



    First place (India)

    Runner up (S'pore race)

    Gokart Racing


    Company history

    Surbo's origin

    Reducing CO2 emissions

    During the installation

    Aftersales/ removal

    Transfer (fits most cars)

    Refund policy

    Other applications for Surbo

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