Why choose Surbo? Reach the rpm limit with just half accelerator pressure! Achieve red line by 1/2 throttle for manuals, and higher revs than usual for autos! What is Surbo? Surbo price in Singapore

Fuel saving turbo-effect air charger

Increasing air flow and compression from low rpm, the Surbo (air suction-turbo) improves engine torque, resulting in a light feel accelerator, quick acceleration and fuel saving. Driven faster, it brings the engine to its rpm limit with just 1/2 accelerator pressure! You'll never have to floor the accelerator again, thus avoiding wasted fuel, harmful carbon deposits, and excessive emission.


  • 10% fuel saving in city driving and more on highways, due to less accelerator pressure required for the same speed.
  • Higher rpm capability, more torque and bhp over a wider rpm range.
  • 0-100 kph acceleration time cut by up to 1 second for faster cars and up to 3 seconds for slower cars.
  • Higher top speed by up to 30 kph for the average 1.6 sedan (as reported by customers).
  • Less CO2 output due to less fuel required for the same rpm.

  • For automatic vehicles: instant acceleration from rest due to increased engine torque. Hill assistance (no rolling back on slopes in D mode). Higher rpm possible in D mode with 1/2 throttle, and faster changes to lower gears. More info and auto car list..
  • For manual vehicles: rpm limit achievable with just 1/2 throttle, and even higher rpm if the rpm limit is removed for racing cars. More info and manual car list..
  • For diesel vehicles: better load capability, less diesel smoke because the rpm limit can be reached with 1/2 accelerator pressure. Helps prevent clogging of modern particulate filters. More info and diesel car list..
  • For turbocharged vehicles: reduced turbo lag, improving turbocharger performance. More info and turbo car list..
  • Surbo installed on Perodua Kelisa and Hyundai Getz; no cutting and reversible

    By adding a Surbo, your vehicle becomes quicker. Here's how:

    1. The Surbo gives more torque over a wide rpm band. The engine with Surbo on can accelerate briskly to red line or beyond, all on half throttle or less. That means easier pickup, and fuel savings because you will press less on average. With Surbo, although you will rev higher, accelerator pressure required is less, and as you are faster you will cruise sooner, so you will save fuel (by mathematical derivation on Wikipedia, the amount of fuel injected at any moment is proportional to number of cylinders x rpm x accelerator pressure).

    2. The Surbo delivers higher power (which is proportional to rpm multiplied by torque at that rpm). If your car starts slowing down by 4000 rpm, it's time to restore the power. The Surbo takes your engine back to red line (rpm limit) easily and puts back some 50% of existing acceleration power based on rpm, assuming a red line of 6000 rpm. Or, instead of travelling 40 metres, you travel 60 metres in the same time. You'll realize this when you start beating familiar traffic lights. Up the gears you will pull even further away from other cars as they start to slow by 3rd gear. This is because these drivers have to press the accelerator more for higher gears, and encounter over-fueling and knocking. The Surbo, with its own vortex suction power, helps the manifold vacuum to pull the air in, so extending power.

    3. The Surbo is good for slopes. Just going up the incline, activate the Surbo for extra air compression to charge up the hill. This makes the Surbo useful for steep climbs like the Sheare's bridge in Singapore, or long hills like those at Seremban Heights in Malaysia. The wide-band torque of the Surbo helps the driver maintain a low rpm in a higher gear for longer, or he can shift down to use the high rpm power of the Surbo. The Surbo is useful for mountains like the Genting Highlands, where air density and oxygen content drops with altitude. For every 100 metres climbed, engine power falls by 1 percent. The Surbo when activated gives improved air density for efficient combustion.
    Testimonial regarding Surbo's hill climbing assistance..
    More details on how the Surbo improves hill climbing.

    4. The Surbo assists the engine to overcome loads like excessively large tyres, the airconditioner or even a supercharger. The low rpm power of the Surbo helps, as that is where most weak vehicles are stuck in while trying to accelerate. Once the Surbo takes care of the load, it can just power away up the revs, allowing gearchanges upwards and gaining speed, till the load is less of a problem. Likewise, if you have to carry heavy goods or many passengers, the Surbo is just right for you.

    5. The Surbo gives you confidence to overtake quickly. Especially long vehicles which have blind spots, or a whole convoy of vehicles unable to get past them.
    Passing a line of slow vehicles on a single-lane road is even more challenging!
    Just accelerate and hold the accelerator briefly to back pressure the Surbo for its vortex, and when the accelerator vibrates indicating increased air pressure, start accelerating with half throttle to high rpm, and repeat in the next gear if necessary.

    7. The Surbo gives you freedom to speed without using more fuel. Where legal, you'll achieve your vehicle's rated top speed with less than full throttle, or you can be cruising at 150kph with about half throttle. Our customer feedback shows that the speed for maximum economy gets stretched from the usual 90 kph to 110 or 120 kph, despite wind resistance increasing with speed. For example, a Surbo Civic ESi cannot better 12 km/l in Singapore but will do 17 km/l at 110 kph on the Malaysian North-South Highway. Its engine rpm at that speed was near to the Surbo's torque peak rpm, at around 3300 rpm.
    It's a good idea to prepare for a high speed getaway with a Surbo
    The increase in the top speed will be especially noticeable if your car has accumulated a lot of mileage (which causes the air flow to be less due to carbon or worn valve cams), and needed a lot of accelerator pressure to run fast. The lighter throttle also reduces fatigue. Your own body will feel the tickling of Surbo-induced acceleration, and your passengers too will get a gentle back massage througout the drive. Surbo is lots of fun. Get yours today!

    More Pictures | How Surbo works

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