Why choose Surbo? With and without Surbo Achieve red line by 1/2 throttle for manuals, and higher revs than usual for autos! What is Surbo? Surbo price in Singapore

Get more speed and fuel saving at the same time!

How? The Surbo, an air jetting device, brings your engine to its max RPM with just 1/2 throttle!

Photos show Surbo installed on Toyota Wish, and Twin Surbo on Kia Forte/ Koup/ Hyundai Avante/ i30. No cutting and reversible. Original equipment put back after installation.

Surbo Twin Surbo

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  • Better throttle response, with 0-100 kph acceleration time cut by up to 1 second for faster cars and up to 3 seconds for automatic cars (see Nissan Sunny testimonial).
  • 10% fuel saving in mixed driving and more on highways, due to less accelerator pressure for the same speed. The Surbo pays for itself in many other ways, and can be used for a lifetime!
  • More torque and horsepower (shown by Dyno tests). These mean more engine flexibility and easier overtaking.
  • Higher top speed by up to 30 kph for the average 1.6 sedan (as reported by customers). This means easy cruising.
  • 10% less CO2 emitted per km (based on 10% more distance travelled per tank).

  • For automatic vehicles while in D mode: no-slip instant acceleration from rest due to increased torque, better low rpm power, hill assistance on slopes, higher rpm capability with 1/2 throttle, and hence easier changes to lower gears. More info and auto car list..
  • For manual vehicles (or automatic gearboxes in manual mode): rpm limit with just 1/2 throttle, and wider rpm range if the rpm limit is removed. More info and manual car list..
  • For diesel vehicles: increased revving capability makes the short 1st gear gather more speed and subsequent gears faster, less diesel smoke because the rpm limit can be reached with 1/2 accelerator pressure. Helps prevent clogging of modern particulate filters. More info and diesel car list..
  • For turbocharged vehicles: reduced turbo lag, having the turbo on more of the time, and without having to press as much on the accelerator. More info and turbo car list..
  • How Surbo works

    LTA compliance (based on reduced emissions per km)

    Surbo5 for larger engines

    2016/ 2017 cars compatible with Surbo

    Latest vehicles fitted with the Surbo are the Honda Shuttle and Civic 1.6 2016, and Crossroad, 2007 Mercedes A Class turbo, and 2016 Subaru 2.5 Outback. Latest with Twin Surbo the '91 BMW 850i, Nissan NV200 and Hyundai i30 (similar to Avante, and Kia Forte and Koup). Latest with Surbo5 are the 2006 BMW 630 and Audi S5 4.2 V8

    Get a free check of your air intake components. The $99 Surbo price includes rectification of air intake faults (especially for used or modified vehicles) for installation of Surbo, instant performance improvement, lifetime warranty, and tips on beneficial upgrades.

    Learn more about what Surbo can do for your car:

    Benefits using Surbo Fuel savings using Surbo better acceleration using Surbo higher top speed using Surbo how-to-get-higher-rpm using Surbo easier-automatic-kickdown safe_car_power_upgrade how_to_increase_hill_climbing_power using Surbo how_to_reduce_diesel_smoke using Surbo how-to-reduce-CO2-from-vehicles using Surbo lower_driving_expenses using Surbo transferability warranty Technical Details what-is-surbo Twin Surbo Surbo vs other accessories when-to-use-surbo How Surbo Works Surbo Dynamometer Test Results optimal engine compression with Surbo how_to_improve_engine_efficiency how-to-reduce-engine-knocking how-to-lengthen-engine-life using Surbo Frequently Asked Questions Surbo System's Energy Analysis Surbo system's energy analysis for turbo petrol engines how-surbo-works-for-diesels How Surbo Helps You Drive Faster Without Causing Diesel Smoke Surbo System's Energy Analysis For Diesel engines Surbo system's energy analysis for turbo diesel engines Customer reviews Vehicles using Surbo Vehicles Recommended For Surbo Petrol Automatic Petrol Manual Petrol Turbo Petrol Supercharged Petrol Hybrid Petrol cvt-vehicles How Surbo helps cars running on CNG or natural gas Diesel & Turbodiesel Motorcycles Surbo Installation Pictures Surbo sales Why Surbo Inspection Centre LTA Compliance 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Buy DIY Or For Group List of Surbo dealers Check List During Surbo Installation Be our partner in your country Surbo racing Surbo For Gokarts Race In Singapore (Second Place) Race In India (First Place) Racing News About Us Company & History Origin of Surbo No-Hype Policy After Sales Service User Guide Vehicle Engineering Service & Other Applications Of Surbo Contact us

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