Introduction To The Surbo (Suction-Turbo) Welcome 2 All Car Owners, Performance Crazed and Enthusiasts. 

By SURBO Speedworks (Sabah) - Trading License F279256. FREE SURBO Decal for every purchase in Labuan. (Limited stock) More cars posted here for your findings.

As tested, Twin SURBO works better than a single Surbo. You'll get better as well as quicker response.

Twin Surbos (Sequential Surbos)


Perodua Kancil Pic 1
Honda Preludes Si & Ex (Labuan Surbo Dealer's and his Bro's!!!) - Combat Preludes Pic 1 Pic 2
Toyota Prado 2.8 litre diesel 3L  (Lahad Datu's Partner) Pic 1 Pic 2

Well pals, twin Surbos really work better than one. My Honda Prelude is much more aggressive in third and fourth gear. Others say, power comes in earlier than single. Briefly, it gives 200cc - 250cc  more to your car. I will get my pal to comment more on his Prelude's performance and come up with an mp3 to tell u more about it. ;) Meanwhile, do  check out our testimonial page

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Those nearby who are interested to join me are welcome.

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