Introduction To The Surbo (Suction-Turbo) User Testimonials

We have seen, heard and got feedback from Surbo users that we find useful ,and are pleased to put up a page here for your information.  Also, you can check that in Singapore, Surbo cars show significant power increases while also saving fuel consumption

Johari Baharun, Assistant Manager, Bank Islam International - When the Surbo effect comes in, my RPM shoots, my car gets faster! I feel like a VTEC kicked in!!! I'm not much for the fuel economy, but to tell you, on a hot lap with twin Surbos (initially I used one) running in my NA Honda Prelude's 2 litre engine, once I'm upfront, most cars behind have a hard time chasing me. My car is not as powerful without Surbo. Therefore, I recommend Surbo for instant power. I'm now a part time Surbo Dealer based in Labuan. Do call me for appointments and installations. 

John Kong (Jing Yi Auto Accessories dealer) My Proton Wira 1.3 is much more aggressive with Surbo installed. It accelerates like a 1.5, which cyclone could not give as promised.  In order not to waste the cyclone, I installed it back (before the Surbo, so that it won't neutralize the Surbo's twist) and I found that my car's performance increased significantly. Buyers came all the way from Miri, Kuching to buy Surbo from me.

Sunny Wong, Surbo Dealer (Penampang & Likas Square area, Kota-Kinabalu) - I always had doubts about most aftermarket car accessories that could not deliver as promised and was not really sure when Surbo was introduced to me. I'm not prepared for a major engine transplant just for the sake of powering up but losing fuel economy as well as getting higher maintenance and moreover, road tax and insurance coverage will increase too. Well, as agreed, I gave it a try with no obligation,  and it took me little while to notice the Surbo's effect, as my car is diesel powered, a Toyota Prado. Now, I'm running on twin Surbo!! I can easily chase up with other Turbo powered diesel cars, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Storm, the limited edition Toyota Land Cruiser. Moreover, I've joined up with the Labuan Surbo dealer and we have come up with a company, SURBO Speedworks (Sabah). Do call me, I got lots of Surbo news :)

Yap Kok Phin, Officer, Maybank International With Surbo, I can feel its power and fuel savings at the same time. I calculate my mileage every time I fuel up and this time, I'm running at extra mileage and the fuel warning indicator is not "on" yet. Great!!

Ah Hing, Ho Soon Auto Parts I have recently bought a Toyota AE100 1.6 litre and have it done up nicely too. New paint, new spare parts for the engine, absorbers, etc and wanted to increase my car's power without changing the engine (as I'm sure resale value is better when the car is still in its original state). Therefore, Surbo has helped me to accelerate better, during overtaking or whenever I'm in a hurry. Moreover, I did not find my car consuming more petrol but there's definitely more power as I managed to accelerate up to 125km/h with the same amount of accelerator movement before at 90km/h. The engine sounds different when accelerating...

Michael Chin, Manager, SKYWAY Auto Air-Conditioner, Accessories & Services - When I was first introduced to Surbo, I wasn't really convinced about what it had to deliver, so with assurance I tried it with confidence and took me a while to notice it. Yes, my Proton Iswara got more power!!! and I decided to team up with SURBO Speedworks (Sabah), got few units of Surbo and displayed them at my shop, and to my amazement, I sold all of them in a short while, and customers kept on coming back. Feedback was positive, and the funny thing is we really enjoyed listening to customers about what they had to say about Surbo. :) Now I got Surbo banners in front of my shop and on the road side sponsored by SURBO Speedworks (Sabah) and every now and then we get people coming in to buy Surbo.

Robert Kong, General Manager, New H.N. Auto Service & Trading - I'm a cyclone user before and used to be cyclone dealer too but unfortunately it didn't work out. :( So when I was first introduced to Surbo, I didn't really feel convince of what it has to deliver. But since I knew Mr. Sunny quite well as he always send his car to my shop for servicing and he took me for a test drive with his twin Surbo Prado, I do notice the power comes in, unlike other Prados that I've tested before. The later I was offered to team up with Surbo Speedworks (Sabah) and gave it a try since it's no obligation basis and we started selling Surbo back in February 2002, and the good thing is I didn't really have to explain much or to concentrate on selling it, since we all are busy with our repairing and services, we do have people coming here looking for Surbo installations. :) To tell you, I installed a single pack for my 4AG Corolla and having fun with it. :)

Christofer J. Molie, Surbo Dealer based in Putatan and Kepayan - A Twin Pack Surbo Kelisa managed to tackle a Mira 1.3 but of course, your driving skill counts too.. kui kui kui, ke ke ke.. :) (as sms to Albert Ethan)

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